Today’s PuG Forecast: Overcast and Cold, with no Chances of Gear or Good Groups with a Constant Downpour of Rain

I said “today’s forecast,” however, this is a chronicle of what happened yesterday, the 30th of July.

I started out my day by logging in on Rith and doing the normal social rounds:

Me: Hey, guys!

Guild: (assorted greetings from members)

Me: How’re you all doing?

Guild: (assorted answers of well being)

Me: Does anyone need anything?

Guild: Nope.

I go through that every day… It’s a ritual now. Every now and again someone will actually need my help, DPSing a Heroic PuG gone wrong, subbing in for healing something on Eli, the odd assortment of help with a group quest every once in a while. But today, like most days, Rith’s DoTs and Eli’s HoTs aren’t needed by anyone, so instead I skip off to do my dailies.

Sort of, not really, though.

Dailies, along with terrible PuGs, are the bane of my existence. I hate (hate hate hate hate) doing my dailies. Generally, after my exchange with the guild, I seriously think about doing my dailies… For a span of about five seconds. Then I’m off to my current flame of an alt, which happens to be my level 32 resto shaman, Raechael. However, today, I take the offer of doing the Chillmaw daily with a couple of friends. A quick harmless daily, which I never did manage to get around to turning in.

As soon as Chillmaw and his bombists were laid to rest, I parked my warlock on her magic carpet high in the sky, before diving into my shaman. Part of my ritual is that I heal at least one random instance group with her a day, which provides slow but sure levelling. I’ve gotten to the point where I can no longer stand to run SM – Graveyard anymore, so I often que up for SM – Library, which gives me great experience while also allowing me to work my healing skills more than an SM – Graveyard level of awful PuG would let me.

I think I ran SM – Library two or three times today, and I can’t recall any of them being particularly pleasant. The first run I get into, everything goes great until the first boss, who drops that cool little dog whistle thing. We, as a group, decide that everyone greeds on it, and we all do.

Well, all of us except for one. The hunter in our group just happens to click ‘need.’

I think, “Okay. This hunter just needs a talking to, and it’ll all be fine.” Well, I tried telling him that doing that sort of stuff wasn’t okay, but he never responded. In fact, he just went to pull something. This was actually a fun moment; the tank, other two DPS and I just stood in the courtyard outside that boss, and watched this hunter struggle against mobs on his own. It was like we all had a psychic connection, and we were all thinking, “You pull it, you tank it. And the healer won’t heal you.”

Sadly, he didn’t die. Which is awful of me to say, but so true. I have gone through so many awful PuGs that I have my rules for when I adjust my priorities for who gets heals and who doesn’t. Trigger-happy hunters are often very, very low on my priority list, even lower than my priority of sitting and watching him kill things. As a group, in party chat, I might add, we decided to kick him. The guy didn’t say anything. We couldn’t kick him for something like 5 minutes, so we started having a count down. He still didn’t say anything! I don’t know what to make of that hunter. It was an interesting experience. We eventually kicked him, and got a new DPS who was nondescript and I don’t remember much about them.

Next our tank had to leave to pick up his son from football (or so he claimed… And I believed him) and then one of my favorite DPS from the group left too (“Oh, crap, gtg gl” *drop group*). She left, mysteriously, very soon after the tank did. We actually got a new tank just fine, and this time it was a paladin. I thought, “Yessssss pally tank! Faceroll heals, here we go!”

First thing our tank says? “So I’m kind of new to this, LOL!”

Now I’m thinking, “Alright, we’ll take it slow, it’ll all be good. I’ll make a great tank out of her yet.” I do appreciate when a new tank lets the group know that they’re not very experienced, because it helps me judge my heals and such.

So she starts pulling slowly, and we’re doing so-so, until one of the DPS pipes up and says, “It would help if you turned on Righteous Fury.”

No shit, Sherlock!

I began to start to wonder about the origins of this paladin. Were they really a tank at all? They didn’t seem to know diddly-squat about tanking as a paladin, which is easier for me to forgive, of course, at the lower levels. But by level 30, any paladin tank should be able to recognize the usefulness of their tanking spell which they get at level 16 (I think it’s 16…). Nonetheless, she turns it on, and we’re still doing okay. She’s decent at holding aggro, and she never takes too much for me to handle unless it’s a mistake. I still don’t think we died once (I like to flatter myself as a damn good shammy healer). It wasn’t until later that I realized what specc she was.

My friend, a young rogue around Raechael’s level, and I had been trading whispers throughout this instance, commenting on the tank and our fail hunter from before, when she sends me a random whisper telling me that our tank is specc’d as Holy.

Before I get any further, I know that Holy pally tanking is viable up to a point. The thought is that if you can out heal the healer on yourself, then you’ll keep aggro off the healer and DPS. Which is all fine and good, but this tank wasn’t healing herself through the fights. Sure, she did the odd times when I suffered a lag spike (real lag spikes, not the excuse ones that just happen to “pop up” so that I can’t heal a particularly nasty DPS). But she never did continuously throughout the dungeon. So I don’t know what exactly she thought she was doing.

We got through the rest of the instance okay, downing the last boss with his stupid sleep debuff (I loathe that thing, with a passion) and breaking group. As I signed up for another SM – Library, I hoped and prayed for a good PuG. My next couple of runs were decent, with a tank that wanted to hurdle through the entire instance and didn’t want to wait for his healer get mana in points (his loss, not mine. He never did die though).

My stint of playing Rae ended when a good friend of mine logged on, and we decided to work on our BoA stuffed, wannabe twink pallies. They’re both Draenei characters, and we’ve levelled them up together from level 1 and considering, maybe, going all the way to 80. At least, I’d like to go to 80, but I don’t know about my fellow teammate. Anyway, to ensure the ability to rip through group quests, and get instaques for our random instances, he is speccd as a tank, and I am speccd as a healer. So we buffed up (two pally buffs per person… I felt so cool) and coordinated our auras (okay, so there are only two that we can have, but it makes me feel even cooler to act like there was lots of planning that went on to maximize our potential), and headed into LFG que.

We actually didn’t get an instaque the first time, getting stuck in the que for about five minutes (oh, the horror!). We managed to suffer through, and got into Ragefire Chasm. We had a pretty good group, that made the occasional mistake. Our tank was wonderful, as expected (it’s hard to go wrong with a pally tank whose main is a tank as well), and our DPS just had the occasional flub. The rogue (a different one from my SM runs) decided to take a dip in the lava pools, and when she aggro’d a large mob she didn’t run to the group so we could kill it. While the rogue was running back in through Org, the tank and I decided that it would be nice to wait for her and not pull until then.

Of course, there is always someone who will pull for the tank.

The warrior in the group started charging things, and we went to his rescue a couple of times before I asked him to please not pull for the tank. I wasn’t mad, necessarily. A little annoyed, but not mad because he never pulled enough for there to be serious threat to the group’s survival. His response to my request?

“im sorry, but im kind of in a hnurry” (typos left in… I love typos)

If he really had been a complete butt and rude and pulling everything in sight and wiping the group, I probably would have exploded right in his face (“Mmmm… Pally guts…”) because my fuse is very very short at times with players. But I restrained myself, and we just asked him to not pull and if it was alright with the rogue if we could go ahead. She said it was fine, she just wanted us to wait on the boss for her. The rest of the run went just fine, and we downed the boss without any complications.

I could keep talking about our RFC groups, and their mediocracy and their moments of frustration (which, if I remember correctly, were pretty few and far between, but I’m probably wrong), but the crowning moment of last night was our Wailing Caverns run. To give you a general idea of what it went like, this post was originally going to be called:

Woes of a Paladin Duo: Why the Creator of Wailing Caverns Should be Drawn and Quartered, and why Idiots Should not be Allowed to Play WoW

Okay, so I don’t actually think that the creator of Wailing Caverns should be killed in a gruesome and cruel way, however! I bet that person was cackling evilly as they thought about all the poor little nooby groups trying to find their way around that awful instance. I mean, could they have made that place more complicated, more annoying, and even less fun to run? Of course, the answer is yes… Just look at Mara. As for the idiots… I know it isn’t nice to ban them from playing this game, but… Can there be a server where they can all go play with each other and have a grand old time so everyone else can relax and have a nice time running things for once?

Anyway. Our intrepid paladins slowly wander into the beginning of the instance, and everything appears to be going well. The hunter is a little bit of an idiot, he doesn’t have a pet and he keeps meleeing instead of using his bow. The druid in our group kindly says,

“hy won’t y use ur bow”

For those of you who don’t speak druid fluently, I believe that is supposed to be translated as “Why won’t you use your bow?” (I’m sure you all figured that out just fine… I just really wanted to say that.)

The hunter just sort of passed over that comment, and barely acknowledged the druids later comment of his possession of spells for his bow. I figured that if the hunter didn’t get better, we’d just kick him and it’d all go well. I didn’t realize he was a ninja too.

We got to the turtle boss, Kresh I think his name is, and a really nice, blue shield dropped from the boss. Our tank needed it, as it was quite the upgrade, and so he of course hit ‘need.’

Well, the hunter did too. Because we all know that hunters can use shields, and that they are essential parts of being a hunter. After all, hunters can tank, you know. I hadn’t rolled yet, so I tried to win the shield to give it to my tank friend by needing it, but the hunter won it anyway. I gently reminded him to not roll on shit that he can’t use, and he just ignored me. His next comment was that he really wanted to tame the hunter as his pet, and then he promptly died and DC’d, and was kicked. Our new DPS was a warlock, which I am normally partial towards because of Rith being a locky-lock. Everything sort of seemed to be going okay, but then we got hopelessly lost trying to get around the instance. We started wandering around, and soon the warlock sent me a whisper asking me why we were going a certain way. I explained that I hadn’t been in Wailing Caverns in ages, and didn’t know where to go exactly. I asked him if he knew his way around, and he said yes. I was happy to let him go around and show us how to navigate this labyrinth of an instance. However, he just got us even more lost, and we lost another DPS. We got a rogue in instead, who promptly began to pull mobs for the tank, and when asked to stop, said “oh, okay,” like it’s normally standard for DPS to pull.

We finally got to a new mob area, where the rogue, tank, and I all dinged. But now the rogue wanted to teleport out so he could train and get his new abilities. The warlock said yes, so he happily skipped out to train. The warlock then promptly goes on to say:

ill pull

if u dont charge

Well, Mr. Warlock, he can’t charge. Our tank is a paladin, not a warrior. So go ahead, pull to your hearts content. You pull, you tank, and you get no heals. He stopped threatening after I informed him of this.

Eventually, the rogue gets back and then realizes that, *gasp*, he got teleported back to the beginning of the instance. So he asks the warlock to set up a summoning closet so he can come to us. The warlock didn’t even realize that the summoning closet was an actual spell that worked, and was really surprised when the rogue popped out of the demonic thing. We continued on for a little bit, and then this conversation happens.

Rogue: can i leave please

Warlock: why?

Rogue: this is boring

Warlock: it’s dougenoing…

it’s not spoussed to be fun…

u get gear and exp.

not funtime explosive

The last time I checked, World of Warcraft is a GAME. Games are supposed to be FUN.

It was at this point that my tank and I dropped group and vowed never to que for LFG again. For the rest of the night, that is.

I realize that this might seem melodramatic, for us to have gotten so angry at this group, but look at it form our point of view. It was late, 1:30 in the morning (why were we up so late? it’s a bad habit, and not uncommon among WoW players), and we had been in that damn instance for at least an hour. An hour of running around doing nothing, getting cheated out of gear, dealing with DPS that had no clue what they were doing, and just general stupidity. None of them were really very rude, but their lack of effort and ineptness grated on us to the point where we (almost) lost it. And I know, we were level 16 and no one is supposed to know their characters very well at that level. That’s not the point. You don’t say that you know how to get through an instance when you don’t, you use your common sense to let the tank pull first, and you don’t bail on a group because you think it’s boring. If you think that running dungeons is boring, you don’t que in the first place!

Looking back on it now, the next morning, my anger seems silly and a little out of place. But that group was just so frustrating. I can tolerate noobs, because noobs learn. I was a noob once, and still am sometimes, and I can sympathize with not having good gear, or messing up a couple times with your spells. Stupid people that don’t bother to learn how to play the game are the ones that I can’t stand.

Ah, well. I can admit to my own faults. My patience with PuGs has been worn very thin by awful random Heroic PuGs, and I should probably enter random instances with more patience and less defensiveness. I try to come into each instance with a fresh mindset, and look at all of the members of the group with an unbiased look. I can’t help but cringe every time I get a hunter though. They’re like DKs… All the bad ones give a terrible name to the few good ones. I’m quick to judge, and my tolerance for mistakes has shrunk with every bad PuG that I have been in.

I feel like people believe that for a group to be good in an instance, the tank and healer need to be good but the DPS don’t matter. I find that this isn’t the case at all, that everyone plays equally important parts. It might seem like the tank and healer are most important, but to me that isn’t true. Each part of a group has their responsibilities, and they can adjust to each other and work together. If the healer and DPS of a group are very good, and the tank is new to tanking, or isn’t very good at it, then I find that the issues of the tank are supported and solved by the the rest of the good group (this is, of course, for tanks that aren’t drastically terrible, like warriors wearing cloth or something). We all start out being noobs in this game, and there’s nothing wrong with not being the best player on a server. But I wish that people at least tried to work together now, to make sure everything runs smoothly and so everyone can have a good time.


~ by riththewarluid on July 31, 2010.

4 Responses to “Today’s PuG Forecast: Overcast and Cold, with no Chances of Gear or Good Groups with a Constant Downpour of Rain”

  1. Indeed; after sleeping on it, my anger seems silly. But in the moment, such sheer stupidity grates on me. As you noted to me later, that was the first time you’ve ever really seen me get upset.

    Perhaps I should be a bit more forgiving to people in the lower level brackets. Not every lowbie these days is an alt; I’m sure that there are many players are are genuinely new to the game. But some things should just be obvious. Don’t pull for the tank. Hunters don’t melee. For God’s sake, Hunters don’t Need on SHIELDS!


    I don’t like to think of myself as a snob, but when I see people butcher the English language as they did, my default is to consider them to be of… questionable intelligence. A fault of mine that I’m not particularly proud of, but it exists just the same. I have no issues whatsoever with an occasional typo, or a misspelling due to the fingers being a step ahead of the brain (Lord knows we’ve all been there before), but such consistence of gibberish, and obliterating such simple words, does draw my ire.

    I probably should have left at least a half an hour before I did. The patience that the two of us showed boggles my mind now that I look back it in hindsight. That was, however, the first group that I’ve left in the middle of due to sheer ignorance on the part of the group. On ANY of my characters.

    Let’s be careful with the Random finder until we level out of the bracket of Wailing Caverns. That Satchel just isn’t worth the pain. 😉

    • Hehe. There are times that I wish I wasn’t quite so patient as I can be. I mean, above I said that I have terrible patience and lost my fuse, etc. But compared to some people I have way too much patience for that sort of behavior. And yes, we should have left much earlier than we did.

      I like SFK and DM. Let’s spam those! 😀

  2. Wailing Caverns is clearly an instance for a different era. I wasn’t around for that era, but I always imagined it was a time of excitement and exploration, when all the world was new, when there was no Heirloom gear, and when the word “raid” meant semi-organized world PvP.

    I don’t think people chain-ran instances so much back then. Even getting to the dungeon was a project. So, sure, maybe it took a couple hours to run, but it was probably the only one you’d run that day anyway. 🙂

    Let’s be honest, though, I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate; the size of WC drives me nuts, too. And Hunters and Warlocks at that level? Can just die in a fire, present company excepted. 😀

    • Oh, I can completely understand how much fun Wailing Caverns could be with a group of people that you know and have chosen to go adventuring with. That instance would have been one of my favorites (if I had ever made it to 60 before Burning Crusade came out…). Some of the concepts of the instance are well thought out and well done. And truthfully, I probably wouldn’t mind running it now either if the PuG that I got was actually laid back and willing to take time while running through the instance. However, with how current groups run and the like, it’s hard to find patient people in PuGs.

      I realize that that’s all sort of contradictory to what I said in my post. I guess what I’m trying to get across, is that if I was running WC in the correct environment, I’d have a great time running through that thing. Even if it is a little bit long. Then again, so is Dead Mines… Even if it is a little bit more straight forward!

      I completely agree. Although, when I was at that level on my warlock, I probably could have gone and died in a fire too. I still can’t believe how much a noob I was at that level! Luckily for me, I had a great guild of people that took me in and told me that no, grey items are not better than green ones.

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