A Busy Day in the Land of Azeroth

Today was filled with all sorts of adventures. I ran SM – Library countless times today on Raechael, and got her up to 34 (*fist pump*) and also met a very cool priest from Teneras. We had a lot of fun running randoms together, and I might actually get around to making a DK on that server just to get to run more things with her. I’ve never been successful in having characters across realms, so I don’t know how that’s going to work. We shall see!

My first highlight of the day was actually in SM – Graveyard. I was healing this pretty decent tank and a decent group, and we’d been doing pretty fine. Pretty soon though, the warrior (it’s always a warrior…) decided that the tank was going too slowly for him, and started to pull stuff.

And, *gasp*, here’s the kicker.

I wasn’t the one to yell at him!!

I had started to get together my nasty bitch yell at him for pulling, when the tank popped up and said “are you the tank?”


“then don’t pull.”

“fuck off dick sucker”

No joke. That was actually the warriors response. I mean, really? How much more like a 12-year old can you get? That’s just sad. To resort to having to say that to a tank because he asked you to do your job? I was all ready to go to the tanks defence when he started name calling the DPS. And at this point I just started laughing. We kept going on, with the tank and warrior trading off “cock sucker” or “go suck yourself” and other such unsavory phrases. We were just at the last boss, and I was starting to get tired of them.

What are you supposed to say in that situation? I would, instinctively, yell at them both to be quiet and focus on the instance, but all the times that I have done that, they turn on me and start telling me to go suck something. I was beginning to fret, when a warlock piped up.

“Are you guys done flirting?”

And they both shut up immediately. I swear, I fell in love with that warlock right then and there. It made me burst out laughing, and I think shamed both of them enough to just get them to stop being pricks. The warrior then went on to pull the boss, and I then didn’t heal him the entire time. Well, I was planning on keeping him at about 30% the whole time, but they killed the boss before I actually had to heal him.

Nothing else super noteworthy happened. I tanked three instances on my DK, Caecillia. She’s level 72… Cause I’m a little bit too lazy to work on her seriously. >>

I wish I had more interesting things to talk about right now. I just got back to my house after visiting family, and I leave again on Tuesday (for a place that has no wifi, so don’t expect any groundbreaking posts for about two weeks). I’m exhausted, and sore. I was planning on whipping together a quick story about Annorith to post up here (each of my characters has a back story… No joke), but I was too sleepy to finish it earlier. Maybe I will go work on it now.

Take care everyone… If any of you have any suggestions of things for me to ramble about, be sure to tell me.


~ by riththewarluid on August 2, 2010.

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