World of Warcraft Lore 101

Last night, after posting up here and snuggling into bed with a notebook and pen, I started to brainstorm ideas for how to convey my story of Annorith with words. It’s all sort of a jumble of thoughts and possibilities inside my head, also called a plot dust bunny. A sort of dust bunny of ideas, and it’s been crowding up the freespace of my brain a lot recently. What better way to get that stupid bunny down on paper than to start writing it, right?


As I started writing, I realized that I knew very very little about the actual lore of World of Warcraft and it’s two expansions (soon to be three!). I wasn’t sure about a timeline of all the events; how much time was thought to have passed between vanilla WoW and BC? How much between BC and LK? I realize that that’s probably common knowledge, but remember that I’m still catching up to everyone on the game. I’m a little behind in everything.

So I hauled my laptop into bed with me, and started looking timelines up of the events in the game. And I managed to spend a good hour and a half reading tons and tons of new lore that I never even knew existed. Not even just the history of certain people, or events, but people have written whole articles for WoWwiki just on the different religions of WoW. I knew that there were religions in the game, but I never realized that they were complex and also researched by other players.

I find it all fascinating. It’s so huge and complex and complicated and detailed, and I never had any idea that it was so BIG! There are articles on people I have never even heard of, wars that I didn’t know had existed in the WoW world, and so much more that I have yet to learn. This is really exciting to me, because the more I learn, the more I feel like my little stories about my girls will be accurate. Being the nerd, and geek, that I am, I’ve started taking notes. NERDRAGE RAWRRAWRRAWR!

Anyway. I still think it’s fascinating. My respect for Blizz has just risen several degrees.

My PuGs of the day went decently well, for a change. I had an amazing tank on Rae for about 10 runs. No one died once, and I dinged a couple of times. 4 more levels until 40!

I have also discovered a fantastic podcast radio show called “The Instance.” It was recommended to me by a friend and I already adore it. They are hilarious show hosts, Randy and Scott, and they’re very good at giving straight facts with their opinions tossed in later. And they do a really great job of having certain parts of their show be (marginally) serious, and then have parts which are just very, very funny. They often have a parody song at the end, one of which is “Part of your Guild,” a parody of “Part of your World” from The Little Mermaid. I am a sucker for Disney, so this just made my day.

Take care everyone. I fly out tomorrow afternoon, so I most likely won’t be around very much. Hopefully, when I get back, I will have that story finished!


~ by riththewarluid on August 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “World of Warcraft Lore 101”

  1. I get lost when I read up on the lore in WoW. It’s such a huge game! It’s funny how we can play in Azeroth for so long, yet have such a small grasp on the actual story in the game.

    I know of a couple of WoW Lore/Story bloggers I could point you to if you’re interested 🙂

    • I barely know where to begin in the lore. I tried at “the beginning” with the creation of the universe, but while it is interesting it’s not really the time period that I am trying to read up on.

      Any pointers you have would be great! I’ve just now joined the blogosphere, so I can use all the help that I can get.

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