Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

First of all. I’m so very, very sorry for the lack of posts. I could list off my excuses, but they’d just be the same excuses as all the other times: classes keep me busy, real life takes precedence over my blog, etc. So I won’t bother boring you with them. I will again, however, extend my apologies. I hope I haven’t lost too many readers (what ones that I have), and I hope that I can meet any expectations that you guys have now.

But let’s get started on my adventures. And what adventures they have been!!

I tried playing on a role playing server for the first time, Sisters of Elune to be specific (her name is Kaelya, so feel free to add her if you’re from that particular end of the world and toss me a line if I ever play around on her again. That is, if you’re Horde over there… She’s a Blood Elf).

You looking at me?

I was exploring with a good priest friend of mine from Arathor, hoping to get a good experience in this new land. It was late at night, and we’d both had way too many sodas (Thomas Kemper Vanilla Cream), so we were being a little goofy. We came up with a back story and quested around while saying things like “Oh, sister! There’s another undead over here… I am so frightened!” and “I will come to your rescue! Do not be afraid, sister. I will always be here to protect you!”

What started out as fun and games slowly faded to disappointment though, as it got later and we hadn’t actually encountered anyone else acting out their own personal stories in the game. I don’t really know what I was expecting… For everyone to be friendly and chat us up in character? For there to be different role playing NPCs? In any case, we seemed to be the only ones around.

Until we got to Silvermoon City.

It’s a beautiful capitol city, and by far my absolute favorite among all of them, both Horde and Alliance. I love how magical it is, and how elegant and beautiful the buildings are. If it were a true city, it would make me catch my breath. I just wish that I could spend all my time there on all my characters, but I don’t think the guards would appreciate my Alliance girls exploring the city and playing tourists. The only time that I had ever been to Silvermoon was when I raided it on my Warlock, and so my friend was showing me the sights, so to speak. The thing she wanted to show me the most was the inn, with it’s large draperies and spacious blue rooms. I loved it at first sight, and immediately “/lie”‘d on one of the beds. However, I decided that I wanted to check out the rest of the city, and left my friend to sit in the inn while I ooh’d and aah’d over Silvermoon.

It’s too bad I decided to leave, because I missed our first brush with role playing.

We had failed to notice a male Blood Elf and a male Troll (dare I say) snuggling on one of the plush little couches in the inn, and the only thing that betrayed their presence was this.

Is it just me, or it getting steamy in here?

Okay, so I know this could be completely innocent. Maybe the Troll got poisoned by a snake, and the Blood Elf was trying to suck the poison out of his veins. Maybe this was how characters got tattoos on a role playing server.

Or maybe this Troll just really liked pain, and the Blood Elf just really liked giving it.

Since I have never experienced true RP in a game, I have never experienced ERP either… In all of it’s erotic glory. Nor had I even heard about it in game, and I’m not sure why I didn’t  just assume that it exists. Either way, my quest for a good experience in role playing land was semi-completed by a very interesting experience. Some day I will go back, and maybe try to be a little bit more serious about the story.

My next experience was taking on the biggest raiding guild on Arathor… The intimidating Halcyon. It’s a name that is whispered in awe by young raiders like myself, and a guild to be copied and glorified by other raid teams. They’re filled with some of the top geared players, and they’re the kind of guild that you’d expect to be the first to take down the Lich King out of all the other guilds.

They can also be a bunch of jerks.

Now, before I get e-mails and angry tweets about how nice Halcyon is, and how kind they are to new players, and how sweet everyone in the guild is to everyone, I’m sorry. I’m basing my observation on what I’ve heard from my trusted guildies, and from my own experience with them. I’m sure their are some really great people in the guild. I just seem to have been stuck with their less wonderful members.

I was running a Heroic with a couple of good friends of mine, who were both fresh 80’s who had just gotten geared enough to run through Heroics and maybe, finally, get geared enough to raid. They were both Retribution Paladins, and the third DPS that we acquired was a Hunter. The first thing that was obvious was that she was way over geared and over powered for Heroics. She did 6k easily on the mobs, without seeming to lift a finger, leaving my Paladin friends straggling behind in the dust. No problem, you’d think. She can easily carry them through a simple Heroic. They were doing about 1k each, which isn’t awful considering that she was completely burning everything in her path.

But no, the hunter wasn’t happy. The tank pulled too much in a certain room, where the mobs hit harder than usual (it’s that room in Drak’Tharon, with a couple of aboms and those nasty nasty scourgey guys), and I couldn’t keep him up. We wiped, and immediately the hunter starts blaming my Paladin friends. “There’s something wrong with this picture,” she said. “Are the pallies supposed to be DPSing? Because they’re way too low.”

Mama bear that I am, I immediately stuck up for my friends. Everyone has to start somewhere, and they’re just getting geared. No reason to blame them, because it wasn’t their fault. I then went on to say that we didn’t have to rip through the Heroic, because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking it a little bit more slowly. Was it going to hurt her to spend ten more minutes in the dungeon than she normally does? And I even offered to switch to Balance and DPS, so one of the Paladins could switch to Holy, and that I would try my best to DPS in my healing gear.

Her response: “Geez, wall of text”

She didn’t even bother to read it. She was beginning to piss me off. Is patience just not a stat that people look for anymore? I waited for about three minutes for her to respond (and I will admit it, I made a snarky comment about her being able to read), and eventually she started asking why the tank wasn’t pulling. He said he was waiting on me to top him off and finish buffing, and I said that I was waiting for her to answer my question.

Hunter: “No. That good enough for you?”

So maybe I deserved the animosity. I can’t say I was very gentle with my comments about her, but it wasn’t like I called her a bitch and let loose a torrent of swear words at her over the whole deal. And, in my defense, I did offer to DPS for her. So was it really right for her to be snarky in her response to me? Perhaps she was justified, but I can’t help but feel like she took it all a little too far. None the less, I told her that, since she had refused my offer, she shouldn’t complain any more.

Hunter: “Says you.”


I fail to see how I was complaining. I told her to be patient, I told her to back off, I told her to take it easy. I offered to DPS to make her happy. I explained why their DPS was bad. I stuck up for my friends, and tried to get her to stop bitching at them.

Please tell me if you think that is complaining, in any way, shape, or form.

The rest of the run was basically uneventful. She didn’t cause further trouble, besides refusing to pull mobs off of me if they did aggro onto my cute little tree form, and the occasional refusal to DPS on mobs. And, a last note, when she did forgo DPSing on these mobs, one of my friends did about 3k DPS. Take that, hunter.

Of course, this hunter was from the famed guild of Halcyon, so I’m sure my druid is on their list of “never invite to guild ever because she’s a bitchy, whiny tree that doesn’t know shit.” But you know what? I find that I don’t mind. If they have members like that hunter, I don’t want to be a part of them.

Other brief news. I tanked on my warrior for the first time!


Went pretty well. I find that I have problems getting rage up, but I figure that as I get better, I will find new ways of generating rage that I don’t have now. I had one little mage that thought it was nice to pull for me, die, and then call me a sucky tank. But I had a fantastic group that stuck up for me, and told him off. Eventually he pulled a boss, and we had a dandy time just watching him tank and die before I picked him up and we finished him off. The little gnome practically burst an artery, he was so “angry” with me. We just up and kicked him, and had peace of mind for the rest of the run. A shout out to Staral and Cinnabun, the lovely Restoration Druid and Retribution Paladin who stuck up for me. If you guys are reading this, you have my hearty thanks.

Here I am, at the end of my long, long, most recent post. I will hopefully be posting more often, and I hope to start writing about my adventures on my Paladin with the lovely WJREZ/Alverus.

Take care everyone, and see you around Azeroth!


~ by riththewarluid on September 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

  1. You don’t need to apologise for not posting in a few days, better to post when you have the time to say what you want and so on 🙂

    I can’t stand the top guild on my server either, they’re exactly the same, up themselves, except they have nothing to be up themselves about. They’ve managed to get a few hardmodes, fine, but they’re not as good as they seem to think they are. People like that really bug me, because they forget it’s a game and who cares if people aren’t all uber and cool like them – some people are playing this game to have fun not treat it like a grindfest, geez, no wonder so many top raiding guilds die of burnout.

  2. Hehe. I suppose I just don’t want to disappoint anyone, or not meet someone’s expectations. I wonder if all new bloggers go through a period of feeling like if they don’t post something amazing every day, they’ll get kicked off the blogging world. Or something equally silly.

    I completely agree. My point in playing WoW is to (I’ll admit it) kill things, but even more so, it’s for the social experience of the game and getting to go do fun things with each other. So what if it takes our guild run of seven people (for the weekly in Naxx) 5 tries to down Anub? (Which, by the way, was mostly my fault). We had a nice time playing with each other, and they had a nice time calling me a bad warlock. As much as I love raiding, it isn’t something I want to do if the group of people I am with forget that we play the game to have fun. No to say that I don’t take raids seriously, and that I don’t get mad if someone makes a simple to avoid mistake (and doesn’t apologize), but I’m not about to jump on someone and yell at them for having less DPS than someone else.

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