My New UIs, and their Shiny-ness

I have always liked to tinker with my UIs, but never really tried very hard. I used SexyMap, I dinked around with adding or taking out bars. Recently, I had tried using Spartan UI at the insistence of a good friend of mine. I liked it very much; it brought all my action bars to the bottom, my minimap, all the stuff that I would like to have grouped in one place. But it was inflexible, and difficult to adjust to. If I didn’t want my characters portrait and bars to be displayed on the bottom of the screen, then gosh darnit it would just show up as a regular portrait and not match the rest of the UI. I bore with it because I didn’t know how to do otherwise.

It wasn’t until I saw a fellow blogger’s UI for her druid that I was inspired to make up my own. (Kudos to Icedragon! You should check her out, at It is totally worth it). So I went out and downloaded a few addons recommended to me, such as SunnArt, and got creative. This is what I came up with!


And for my druid:

I have to give credit to Icedragon for really inspiring me for Eli's. You will see distinct similarities between our UIs... So please don't think this is my original design.

And I’m sorry that this is a short post… But at least it’s a post!


~ by riththewarluid on October 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “My New UIs, and their Shiny-ness”

  1. Nice look! What are you using for the minimap? I think it’s sexymap in the first one but I don’t recognise the minimap skin in the green/leafy one – and how do you get it to move from top right of the screen?

    • I am using SexyMap for both of my minimaps. The second leafy one is called the Emerald Portal. I originally planned to do a UI for Eli that was blue themed and had a moon on the minimap, but that option appears to have disappeared. 😦

      To get it to move from the top right of the screen, either you can install MoveAnything and move it that way, OR you can just go to your Interface screen and go to Addons –> SexyMap and unclick ‘Lock minimap.’ That gives you freedom to drag it around your screen as much as you like. A nice little shortcut to reach the SexyMap interface is to check the option that says ‘Right click map to configure.’

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