One Step Closer to ‘Classic Raider’

Tonight I led 8 friends and guildees into the treacherous world of Blackwing Lair, to defeat the evil Nefarion and prevent him slaying Ragnaros (we told him that we already had, and that he didn’t need to go all evil and do it himself but he didn’t trust us. Killing him was the only way).

But not until we found our way through Lower Blackrock Spire!

The raid today went much more smoothly than yesterday’s. The only real hang-ups we had were navigating our way around Lower, and then Upper, BRS so we could finally get to the raid. And we accidentally glitched BWL a couple of times (we killed Warchief Rend’s dragon too fast and glitched the stadium event, and then later after killing Vaelastrasz, mobs from the adjoining room kept spawning and running in. We had to wipe the raid and run back in!)

One intrepid explorer stands up the dragonkin...

But other than that, we got through no problem. We had a nice time, too. I wasn’t as nervous, and I like to think that I did a much better job leading our raid than I did last night. I’m still learning, and thankfully the group of people I was with were mostly apologetic.

By 8:50 PM server, we had finished the raid, having started at 6:30.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

AQ 20 and 40 are next weekend, hopefully all on Saturday night. But we’ll see…

P.S. Rith looks interesting as a pirate…



~ by riththewarluid on October 24, 2010.

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