So, I Led My First Raid Last Night…

…and it went decently. Sort of. Maybe. In a way.

For a long time, it has been a dream of mine to get all the Classic dungeon/raid achievements, as well as the BC raids. I got the Classic Dungeons achievement about a year ago (if I remember correctly), and since Cataclysm is coming up I thought I would crack down and get those Classic raids all done. I approached my guild leader about creating a guild event to run them all, wanting to get more people involved and get a little taste of what it was like to lead a raid (another one of my dreams). That didn’t go very well with my guild leader, eventually coming out to she would organize the event, and lead it, like she always does, and that I was welcome to come. I won’t say that I wasn’t pissed, because I was. It bothers me when people don’t allow others to try and be involved in the guild by setting up events, which they openly do in Eli’s guild (we have five raid leaders, I believe, who all run at different times). But I won’t go into that too much.

My guild leader set it up that we were only going to run one Classic raid, and didn’t decide on which. So I went ahead and made my own event, just inviting a few friends of mine, to finish up the rest of the raids that night. My night was going to be busy; It was Crux’s third birthday party yesterday at 5, then the Classic raid at 6 with Rith’s guild, and then my own raid at 7.

The evening started out nicely. I went to the birthday party at 5 at the insistence of a good friend of mine in Crux, who is trying to get me more involved in their social groups and raiding groups. I am very shy in that guild, and don’t talk to very many of them. They are rather intimidating people to get to know at times, and so I generally try to be a wallflower. But the party, despite my worries about it being awkward for me to show up, was actually really fun. We all “got smashed” and tailed after new human characters, obsessively healing and buffing him to our silly hearts’ content. We scared him away, though, the poor little guy. We were just being friendly in our… Special way.

The view as a drunken druid

An hour flew by, and soon it was time for me to log over to my Warlock and get started on a Classic raid. I thanked Crux for the fun (and the booze), and moved over to Rith.

Only to find that my guild leader wasn’t on.

Turns out that she had something to do outside of the game, which she didn’t know last week when we planned the stupid thing, and wasn’t going to be online to even run the raid that she had set up. And didn’t let me know, even though the event was created because I asked her. I hadn’t been online much the past week, thanks to classes among other issues that popped up, but is it really that hard to send an in game mail?

Don’t get me wrong… I love Rith’s guild. They’re all really good people that make me feel welcome and appreciated. We’re all a little crazy in that guild, always playing pranks on each other and generally having fun romping around. I am so happy that I was invited to join, and many of the people have golden hearts. But sometimes, it’s the little things that they do that just make me mad.

Now this is the point last night where I became a retard warlock.

I offered to lead the Classic raid for my guild, since I already had my evening raid set up an hour later. I invited them all to come with us, get some raids done, thinking everything would go smoothly. And everything did go smoothly, to a degree. And by smoothly, I mean that my tank ditched us (admittedly, a friend of his came over unexpected, but he told me that he’d be back in time for the raid… He wasn’t), a guildee started doing things in the raid without checking with me (raid leader), and it was awkward trying to talk to the people that weren’t in vent about what we decided in vent. Oh, the stress!

We eventually got things sorted out, and hit up ZG first without any problems. I’ve been through that raid many times before, and we were able to zip through easily. Hakkar was a (fun) pushover, and we had a nice time. (Speaking of Zul’Gurub… Check out . Amazing comic, and so very relevant to what that run was like)

Next up was Molten Core, which proved to be a little bit more difficult to get through than ZG. Not everyone was attuned to the raid, and rather than “waste the time getting people attuned,” those of us who are ported in and then closet summoned those of us who weren’t. It took longer than we expected, because one of the raid members decided to fall in the lava and wasn’t able to find their way out. Of course it wasn’t me.. I would never do something like that… *shift eyes*. And then, as the only warlock attuned, I used the wrong spell. But hey… We got free soul candy too.

I am Annorith! The faillock.

We began to skip our merry way through the raid, and made it to Ragnaros’ Lair… Only to find that he wasn’t there! The raid turned to me, I turned to WoWWiki… Turns out you have to kill all the bosses to get to Ragnaros. Who would’ve thunk it?

Needless to say, I felt like a pathetic raid leader. How could I be any good if I made a mistake like that? But we pressed on, and I (stupidly) let one of our more bossy and supercilious members of the guild take over the raid leading. We returned to the Lair, and sure enough, Ragnaros popped up to say hi.

Rawrrrrrr goes Ragnaros

My only question about that is that if Ragnaros can kill an elite boss like Majordomo Executus with just a flick of his hand…

That little naga body to the bottom of Ragnaros is Executus

…why doesn’t he just do that to us? I guess Fire Warriors just don’t have common sense.

We called it a wraps after that boss kill, not getting nearly as far as I wanted to. I was feeling discouraged and very grouchy, with myself, with my ditching tank (who decided to show up online after we had finished Ragnaros…), with my bossy guildee who took over, and just with my evening in general. Nothing was going quite how I wanted it to go, and it was frustrating me. At least I got my achievement.

I should have ended my night there. I should have gone to bed with Twitter and a book and some chocolate, and let myself unwind and relax and let go of my evening. But no, I decided that I wanted to heal something on my druid. So I que’d up with Alverus, already feeling evil and mean.

It didn’t help when the random we got was Oculus… And then had our tank promptly say “umm… my dog is on fire” and drop group, along with a DPS.

Really? Oculus isn’t that hard anymore!

But we reque’d, and I settled down to calm my anger while we waited on a tank. But no, no rest for the seriously PO’d. Our Shadow Priest decided it would be a great idea to pull and tank while we waited for a new tank to show up. You can just imagine how scathing my comments in vent were to poor Alverus.

We got our new tank, who began to pull, and was quickly losing aggro so the mobs were scattered throughout the party. I know that warriors are not the best for AoE damage, but it’s not that hard. Turns out that she didn’t even have the elites targeted in the first few mobs, just the non-elite baby dragons. A few more bad words later, we were at the first boss which went fine. We got our drakes, and took off to go kill the constructs. And I promptly accidentally dismounted and fell to my icy death.

Turns out that when I messed with my UI, the key bindings for my vehicle bar got all messed up, and 1 was now dismount.

Swearing at myself now, I began to run back into the instance, expecting laughs and silly remarks from our DPS while our tank waited. No dice, our tank didn’t even notice that I was dead and just kept right on pulling. Luckily she didn’t die and wipe the group, but it was close. We made our way to Eregos, and we started the fight. Guess who dismounted and fell again?


I asked the tank, in party, to fly down closer to the platform (since I had miraculously survived) so I could at least try to heal her damn red drake, which she didn’t do. We wiped, and we all started to run back.

When I say that I was really upset, don’t take it lightly. I was really really really really really really fucking mad. More so at myself, but at this stupid tank that didn’t pay attention, and the whole evening just started crashing down on me. On top of all the stress that classes and real life drama shit (that doesn’t go away to my great chagrin), I was feeling very broken.I even started to cry I was so frustrated. I am normally a good player, but tonight was just a bad evening, and I was in a mood where I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. And anyone who bothered me was going to die a gory, grisly death.

So when the tank asked “were ya not ready?” I may have responded badly.

Me: Did you not notice me fall? And ask you fly down to the platform so I can heal you from there?

Tank: no i did not

Me: Pay more attention then, so we don’t wipe.

She immediately dropped group. I am still satisfied that she did.

We got a new tank eventually, who was also pissed that he got Oculus. But he cheered up when he figured out we only had the last boss to do, and mounted up and joined us. We started the fight, and I started to zone out, healing like I normally do.

Except, normally I don’t kill myself. I was at about 46% health, and I accidentally cast the spell that causes Eregos to take more damage at the cost of 30% of your own health. How I died (I should have had 16% left…) I am not sure, but I did, and that just made it even worse. I cried, again. But we downed the boss with just the amber drakes up, and they went to go get their bags of goodies from the cache. I was seriously contemplating not making the trek back to the treasure chest, just wanting the evening to be over.

I am very glad that I did, because that damn blue drake dropped. For me! I felt like Blizz knew that I was having a shitty evening, and wanted to make me happy. But I stopped thinking about that because then I started thinking about creepy employees watching players through the game and semi-stalking them, and focused on my pretty new drake.

Summary of last night: The beginning was fun, the middle sucked, most of the ending really sucked, and the very end was nice.

And tonight, when we finish those Classic raids, I will be firm in my ability to be a raid leader, and lead us into victory! \flex


~ by riththewarluid on October 24, 2010.

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