Cataclysm and its Impending Doom

This weekend was supposed to be a happy weekend. I was hoping to run some Classic raids, work on some blog posts about playing low-level characters (since that’s all I seem to do nowadays), relax and drink lots of tea. Maybe go drool over some extra shiny tier gear for Rith and Eli.

But when I logged in this morning, I learned that I had a mail in my inbox. One of my closest friends in game had written me a note. The subject line? “Leaving WoW”

I opened it up, to read a short note. “I am finally leaving the game,” he said. “I am going to enjoy real life now.” He’d given me 5,000 gold. “Enjoy the loot.” And just like that, he was gone.

I know why he left, and I know that he’ll be happy which makes me happy. But the lurking threat of losing friends as Cataclysm creeps closer is beginning to become a reality for me.

First it was @laranyacat, a wonderful Twitter friend of mine and author of a fantastic blog called “Root and Branch” that was about Druids. She decided to leave the game, but thankfully not her Twitter feed, so I still get to enjoy her humor and hugs (and whip comments).

Then it was one of my best friends in game, who I have known for three years (almost to the day). He too decided to go appreciate life outside of the game, search for a new job, new apartment, and maybe even move to Texas. “At least until Cata… [But] I may be [leaving for good] as well. Enjoying life a lot, lol.” And while I am pleased that he’s doing well, and having fun, I can’t help but feel a little hurt. Never again will I get to see him log on and “roar” at me, and all my favorite memories of the past four guilds that I have been in with him will fade. He was the guy that really made the game come alive for me, even researched how to be a Warlock for me whenever I didn’t want to. He was truly special (though he had his moments of being a complete ass, but what guy in his twenties doesn’t?), and even though he and I still text I worry about losing him entirely.

And today, my most recent loss. A friend who helped me overcome fears of raiding on Eli, my fear of healing HoR on Eli, my fear of being a Boomkin on Eli. I looked to him for advice and help and friendship, and now that little piece of my game experience is gone and leaving a hole.

None of this is to say that I don’t still have wonderful friends in game. I get to spend my weekend evenings talking and laughing with @WJRez, and I spend my days distracting myself with Twitter and all the lovely souls there. And the little gaps left in my life by losing friends in the game will be filled, but my friends won’t be replaced. And as I lose more and more friends in game (a fair number of Eli’s guildees are also dropping WoW), it makes me wonder if I shouldn’t take a break. With my life busy with school, juggling too many classes and extracurricular activities, sometimes I worry if I am wasting my own money paying for a game that I rarely get to play anymore.

But this wasn’t meant to be a post about me leaving the game (which I won’t for a long time, I promise). This is meant to be a farewell to all my good friends who have left and who I hope to never lose. To Lara, I miss your blog, and I hope you never leave Twitter. I need our Firefly sleepovers and Druid threesomes that are actually foursomes. To Izan, thank you for all your help, jokes, and “get off the phone, woman, I need to talk to you!” ‘s. And to Sarabeth, keep being a pervert, please. You made me smile countless times, and I hope that’s a gift you pass onto many others.

P.S. Izan, if you’re reading this, please don’t kill me.


~ by riththewarluid on October 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Cataclysm and its Impending Doom”

  1. I can identify with what you’re saying, I’ve lost many good friends over the years to the “I can’t live my life and play WoW at the same time”-mantra and the rate at which they are disappearing have increased during the v3.3.5-era where nothing new happened for… 10 months?

    I’m living on the hope that the new expansion will entice them to come back.


    • From the attitude of my friends that I have lost in game, none of them seem particularly inclined to return. I’m lucky enough to still have contact with them, but their places in my gameplay are still gone and I don’t think that they’re coming back. 😦

      I hope that your friends, return however! 🙂 You have all my best wishes for their speedy return.

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