Where in the world is Rith the Warluid?

Rith the Warluid has been quieter than usual (which really isn’t saying much). Her blog has been updated very little, her Twitter feed is completely lacking it’s normal WoW-related tweets about nasty PuGs or cute screenshots. There’s been no ZOMG CATACLYSM comments, nor OMGOMGOMG I’M 85 HERP DERP tweets (no offense meant to my friends that squee’d when they hit 85). And so, in an effort to give a little bit of love to my blog and to entertain you guys with my adventures outside of the game, I took it upon myself to explain why.

There’s two reasons why I haven’t yet blogged/tweeted/squee’d/cried about Cataclysm.

1) Finals week

2) I don’t actually have Cataclysm

Yes, you read that right. I don’t have the long-awaited expansion pack yet.

Why? Well. A) because I’ve been busy with my finals and didn’t want to install it while I was (supposed to be) busy studying, b) Toys R Us hasn’t even shipped it yet, and c) my account is *still* completely borked.

To make the long saga about my account problems short, somehow I have a Trojan that’s trying to hack into my account despite the fact that I have both run software designed to catch and destroy them, and have gone through by hand searching for any programs that are running on my computer that I don’t normally/never run. And found nothing.

Or, if I don’t have the mysterious, invisible Trojan key-logger thingey trying to eat my soul, I have authenticator issues. Either way, I can’t log into my account, and have reclaimed it multiple times now only to have it work for about a week or so before the information that I enter to log in is no longer correct. I’ve grown sick of this problem, and will soon be calling Blizzard to discuss (*coughripthemanewonecough*) about the issue.

I haven’t been staring dumbly at my computer screen while waiting for an opportunity to call Blizzard has arisen, however. I’ve been incredibly busy, and I thought I would share with you what my life is when I’m not rawr-ing about World of Warcraft.

As I already said, I’ve been busy studying for my finals. I only had one that I was very worried about, my US History final, and I had grand plans for all the hours of note-taking I was going to do, all the color-coded flash cards created, all the tea I was going to consume while working oh so hard. I wanted to look like this:

I wouldn't mind being that pretty, either.

Instead, my studying ended up being a lot more like this:

Rather than go into a long, detailed description of how my studying went, I drew a lovely comic to illustrate what it was like.

Rinse and repeat.

And that is what Rith is like when she studies.

Good news is that I got an A on both halves of the final, and pulled through with an A in the class. I guess all those breakdowns really helped.

I’ve also been doing a lot of baking. It’s always been something I’ve enjoyed, so it seemed like a natural way to release my stress that built up from all the studying I was (sort of) doing. I made cream-cheese brownies…

Om nom nom.

…and I made brownies with almonds…

…as well as peppermint brownies (which I don’t have a picture for) and then a “decadent chocolate cake” (<—- Actual recipe name) which was a huge success.

It's completely gone now.

Amidst all the baking and studying, I’ve been gaming some as well. I’ve played a little bit of Plants vs. Zombies, the PopCap game that inspired the quest line outside of the Dalaran Crater where you eventually get a singing sunflower pet. It’s a really fun… Um… RTS Defense (???) game, with really cute graphics and is just a really well thought out game. They’ve got lots of adorable references to things (There’s a dancing zombie who spawns four other zombies and they all dance the Thriller dance while coming towards you).

I’ve also gotten back into playing Harvest Moon for DS.

The land of the happy people with googly eyes

I started playing Harvest Moon when Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town came out for GameBoy Advance. I loved that game to death; I developed schedules for each seasons of what I did every day, and did my very best to court my favorite guy in the game (the doctor who had no name… He was simply known as “Doctor”). I kept notes of how much money I made and lost each season, what festivals I won, etc. I had an entire notebook designated to that game, and that game only.

I cried the day I gave it away to my cousin in France, along with my old GameBoy Advance (it was the purple-ish clear one), because she didn’t have one. No one ever saw, but I cried myself to sleep that night.

Well. Okay. I didn’t cry. But my mind wept.

Since then I have tried to get into the DS version of the game, and hadn’t done very well until recently. I’m playing as a man now, named Kallon who owns Weede Farm. His dog’s name is Kittie, his cat’s name is Doggie, and his horse’s name is Sailor (named after a horse that I ride here in Washington). I have a cow named Minuet, a sheep named Lulu, and two chickens named Stella and Aymee (I’m planning on eventually naming most of my animals after friends on Twitter). In the future I am going to marry Celia, the pretty brown-haired girl in the picture above.

A last note; you think I was kidding that everyone has googly eyes. The cows, when they’re happy, look like this:

If those aren’t googly eyes, I don’t know what they are.

Even more than Harvest Moon and Plants vs. Zombies, however, I have been playing Rogue, or RogueTouch. For anyone who has played the original Rogue or other variations, you are now my best friends. Please let me know so I can tackleglomp you.

Rogue is a single-player adventure game. As the game describes it, “in your desire to be admitted to the elite fighters guild, you agree to take on a quest… Your goal is to enter the Dungeons of Doom and return with the Amulet of Yendor. So far none have made it back alive!”

Essentially, this game is impossible. You enter the dungeons, and have to travel down to the bottom floor (the 26th level), retrieve the amulet, and then make your way back through all 26 levels. Without dying. When you die, you’re dead, and have to start back and the beginning of the dungeon and slowly trudge through once more.

Sounds boring doesn’t it.

But so far, I have yet to bored with this game. Every single time you re-enter a dungeon after death, it changes. Every time you play, nothing is exactly the same. Each potion does a different thing, every scroll received has a different effect, even the dungeon layouts change. A typical game is filled with all sorts of adventures.

You run into treasure rooms that are filled with monsters trying to kill you…

(hint: at the bottom of the screen, you'll see a blue map. The yellow square is your character, the red squares are enemies, and the green squares are items)

…a whole manner of interesting creatures…

Centaurs and yetis, oh my!

…as well as exploring your large inventory…

"Hmmm, I think I will try the violet potion!" (also, ring of slow digestion?)

…with some interesting consequences.

God, damn it. Not again!

RogueTouch, similar to World of Warcraft, often finds ways to add witty comments or aspects to the game which make the sometimes repetitive nature amusing and delightful.

Maybe I'm the only one that giggled when reading this.

Sometimes you encounter traps set out along your path, designed to harm you. When you get caught by an arrow trap and wounded, your character remarks:

"Come back here, coward! I'll bite your legs off!" (*cough*)

Sadly, every game I have ever played has always ended with my death and then a tombstone.

Level 15 is the lowest I’ve ever gotten into the dungeon.

Lastly, in case any of you are wondering, I have still been fiddling with my artistic talent. However I have been doing more in the form of editing photographs on the computer (this is an aspect of a future project for my Latin class that I am working on and researching). Because of this, I’ve downloaded the thirty day trial of Photoshop to torture myself experiment with the program to drool over decide if  it’s tools are ones that I can afford to buy use. I watched a tutorial about how to enhance highlights and shadows on an image to give it an artistic quality, and immediately hopped into the idea and searched for a pretty picture that I wanted to mess around with. I decided on a pretty picture of an angel.

I love this statue because it’s not a normal depiction of an angel. I am so used to seeing them as ostentatious, glowing figures, constantly smiling or playing trumpets, indefinitely and annoyingly happy beings that never seem to feel anything but complete and utter joy. I find it sort of nauseating.

This angel, however, I think is beautiful and simple and real. She clearly has emotions and her display of quietly desperate grief is moving. So I chose her to tinker with.

I’m not anywhere close to finished with this photograph, but here is where I am right now.

Next step after spending too much money on Photoshop: getting a tablet.

So now you are caught up with my life. I’m finally on break, and greatly enjoying lounging on my couch in sweats and a blanket puttering about on my computer. Hopefully when the Holiday season is over and I FINALLY get Cataclysm, this blog will pick back up with my usual array of posts on what it’s like being a Warluid in Azeroth.

Until then, many wishes of good cheer to all. I hope everyone has a happy holiday, wherever you are or whatever you believe.


~ by riththewarluid on December 21, 2010.

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