First Impressions

Can I just say; holy crap. There is SO MUCH new stuff to explore and squee over. SO MUCH. I hardly know where to start, honestly. I mean, I don’t even have Cataclysm yet and I am already squeeing over just how awesome this expansion will be (it’s date of arrival is March 28th. x.x)

I want to start with my hunter. She was the first toon I logged onto for any prolonged period of time (Rith and Eli for screenies don’t count), and I was planning my night to go how it normally did since before The Fiasco; alt-hopping, chatting, and generally getting nothing done. My hunter, bless her heart, and I have had a history of dislike, especially when it came to questing. I never liked questing solo in the first place, and so that stacked on top of my fairly boring rotation ended up with me often packing her up in a box and letting her gather dust.

So here I was, all set to spend five minutes running around and petting my fox before moving onto more amusing things. But as I frolicked around Stormwind, I noticed that bright yellow exclamation point, pinging over the “Call to Arms!” board in the Trade District. And I decided, what the hell. I’ll just go see what it’s like.

The board immediately sent me off to Eastern Plaguelands to visit a caravan owner named Fiona, and so I caught the next griffin on it’s way to the Western Plaguelands to begin my trek over. I had myself all geared up for a boring run through WPL to this Fiona, and then for the disappointment of yet another failed questing experience. I touched down in WPL, thanked the flight master, summoned my fox, and was ready to move out when I stopped because something caught my eye.

Western Plaguelands has flowers.

And not just a few haggard ones scattered around. These babies are everywhere. Maybe the zone had them before I came traipsing along, but wow. It was just awesome to see how the zone had changed so much.

I mounted up on my tiger, and pulled a Jenkins through Andorhal (but didn’t die!) to get to the main path which would lead me to Eastern Plaguelands. As I was galumphing about, I ran across more quest givers that were just off my path, and decided to stop and take a peek. That was how I met Zen’Kiki, a young Troll druid who needed some guidance as he worked through his powers.

This quest was fabulous, both in its level of entertainment and how it integrated the coming of Cataclysm and the arrival of the new class-race arrangements. It was neat, getting to feel like you really were a part of the events taking place with the arrival of Deathwang (yes, Deathwang). Great kudos to Blizzard on that.

Even if it had not have been such a neat concept, it still would have been a fun quest. Zen’Kiki is one big druid fail when it comes to shapeshifting, and he’s absolutely adorable as he muddles up his spells. The poor thing accidentally attacks himself in boomkin form –

– and even managed to shapeshift into water form on dry land in his endearing attempts to be helpful.

Nope, it really isn't.

The only thing he managed to do right was cat form, but even then he spent most of the fight jumping around me and talking.

My other adventures in Western Plaguelands included fighting rabid pumpkins –

– evil corn monsters (called “Corn Stalkers”… Harhar) –

– and then the feared apple skeletons (of no relation to Azerothapple, I am sure).

But, despite all the fun I was having in WPL, it was time for me to head off and finally keep my appointment with the caravan owner, Fiona. On the way, I ran into this guy. Apparently, I am very tasty.

Soon, I reached the caravan just on the western edge of EPL, and helped Fiona track down her wayward companions (two playful paladins) before we were off to the Crown Guard Tower.

It was from this quest hub that I embarked on the sorrowful Darrowshire quests, commanded by Chromie to help redeem the tortured spirit of Joseph Redpath and bring comfort to his ghostly daughter, Pamela.

It’s always a very sad, but really meaningful quest line to complete, and I am so glad that they have kept it through Cataclysm. There are times when I wish more of the quests were like this; heavily lore-based, emotional, and so much more integrative. Then again, since I used to try to quest as little as possible, perhaps I have missed out on a lot. One thing that I really enjoyed after this quest is that I acquired

which summons her spirit so she can follow me around the Eastern Plaguelands as I quest there. It was really nice to have the company of her ghost, for whatever reason. At times I felt bad (“I am exposing this girl to such violence!”) but it was fun to have her with me.

Then it was back to the caravan and my favorite little group of bickering paladins and the ever genteel Fiona.

My adventures in the Eastern Plaguelands ended at Light’s Hope Chapel, which has become so much more than just a chapel now. It was so surprising to see a city springing up around the sight, workers busy building fortifications around the ever-important simple chapel that has played such a role in WoW lore. After that, I had a bit of a fiasco with hearthing back to Shattrath City, only to remember that there are no more portals, and so I went on a long trek back to the Eastern Kingdoms and Ironforge.

For now, that is all. I am sure that I will have more to say about Cataclysm as I keep delving deeper, though!


~ by riththewarluid on March 24, 2011.

4 Responses to “First Impressions”

  1. Tee hee, glad you’re having fun so far! Even without Cata, the game is quite fun! The starting zones are amazing as well, so consider a new alt to experience it sometime. 🙂

    My druid did many of those quests for Cenarion Circle rep, and they were pretty fun. Haven’t done Fiona’s quests yet (want to do them on a baby alt), but my sister tells me they’re great fun. (Skimmed over that part of your post quickly so I wouldn’t spoil too much, I sorry!)

    Travel tip in Outland–you may not have portals anymore, but there are still the portals to Orgrimmar/Stormwind right next to the Dark Portal in Hellfire Peninsula. So just fly there if you need to get back to civilization quickly. 😉

    Glad you’re getting excited for Cata, and hope you’ll enjoy it lots! 😀

    • I have had just a fabulous time so far. Am so excited to get back into it! The caravan quests are way fun; I hope you enjoy.

      Thanks for the tip about the portals! I didn’t even know that… *feels stupid for running all the way back to Stormwind now*

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