Me, the Warluid

Hello, Earthlings! And welcome to my blog. I am Rith, a crazy Warluid, who loves World of Warcraft, cats, books, writing, Latin, her cell phone, and coffee. When I’m not out on my space ship touring the stars, I’m based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where I come up with my plans to dominate the entire world!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I am a complete altoholic and have just recently gotten back into WoW and blogging after a long hiatus. I am an aspiring artist (of very little talent) as well as a student who is always busy with academics as well an assortment of many other things. I am also trying to launch myself into a role-playing community, but I need to find one first!

I am plenty talkative and would love to hear from you guys. Feel free to drop me a line!


4 Responses to “Me, the Warluid”

  1. Hello Rith!

    In brief discussion with Cynwise on Twitter, I just wanted to quickly reach out and ask if you were accepting commissions on WoW avatars at the moment? If not, no worries but figured I’d reach out and inquire.

    Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!
    Alicara (US-Doomhammer)

  2. Very nice blog you have here… I found just one major factual error; the part where you say you have very little talent. This is NOT true! 😀 All your pieces I have seen are wonderful, please keep up the great work. /cheer

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