First Impressions

•March 24, 2011 • 4 Comments

Can I just say; holy crap. There is SO MUCH new stuff to explore and squee over. SO MUCH. I hardly know where to start, honestly. I mean, I don’t even have Cataclysm yet and I am already squeeing over just how awesome this expansion will be (it’s date of arrival is March 28th. x.x)

I want to start with my hunter. She was the first toon I logged onto for any prolonged period of time (Rith and Eli for screenies don’t count), and I was planning my night to go how it normally did since before The Fiasco; alt-hopping, chatting, and generally getting nothing done. My hunter, bless her heart, and I have had a history of dislike, especially when it came to questing. I never liked questing solo in the first place, and so that stacked on top of my fairly boring rotation ended up with me often packing her up in a box and letting her gather dust. Continue reading ‘First Impressions’


I’m baaaaaack!

•March 18, 2011 • 10 Comments

Both to blogging, AND to World of Warcraft!

That only took me a few, painful months to get around to making a phone call that took me about five minutes to finish. But, the guy was really cute. Well, his voice was.

Anyway! Back I am, and back I shall stay! Hopefully!

For those of you interested, it was an authenticator problem. It was just icky for some reason. I think it got a case of the uncurable flu, and had to be deactivated. Poor little authenticator.

But, more of you are probably interested in what my plans are for the future now. For in game things, I am planning on working up my alts in my spare time until I finally can actually get Cataclysm (I’m sure most of you reading this already know that sad little tale, so I won’t repeat it), and puttering around on my mains for comfort while all my level 85 friends are off raiding.

For my art, it shall still happen! I’m going to try to keep it from clogging up this blog, however, which brings me to it’s future.

Since I don’t have the time to devote to keeping this blog updated all the time, I am going to try and aim for one post a week. There are lots of weekly topics to choose from, and I’ve got some random ones floating in this old noggin of mine, so I will hopefully be able to ease in like that. When (if) my stress load ever gets any lighter (e.g. academics are magically no longer required to succeed in this world), then perhaps the pace will pick up a bit. I wouldn’t expect to see many class guides up here just yet, as there are plenty of really good ones already out there, and I haven’t had the chance to really try out either of my main characters specs yet.

That’s all I really have that’s interesting to say at the moment; you might be able to expect more blog posts this weekend as I wander around Azeroth trying to quest (ugh, I hate questing solo).

And, instead of bidding you all farewell… I say, hello!

Hello, hello!

Where in the world is Rith the Warluid?

•December 21, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Rith the Warluid has been quieter than usual (which really isn’t saying much). Her blog has been updated very little, her Twitter feed is completely lacking it’s normal WoW-related tweets about nasty PuGs or cute screenshots. There’s been no ZOMG CATACLYSM comments, nor OMGOMGOMG I’M 85 HERP DERP tweets (no offense meant to my friends that squee’d when they hit 85). And so, in an effort to give a little bit of love to my blog and to entertain you guys with my adventures outside of the game, I took it upon myself to explain why. Continue reading ‘Where in the world is Rith the Warluid?’

Now is the Time for Your Opinion!

•November 24, 2010 • 9 Comments

So, Vidyala ( was talking earlier on Twitter about what people thought made a blog a GOOD blog. People said things like “one that updates regularly,” “one that is amusing,” “one that has pictures,” etc. This has made me think about my own blog, and what I could change to make it more interesting to readers.

I don’t update regularly. I try, I really do (sorry, DiscoPriest (, I’m disobeying your orders of “don’t apologize for not posting for a while”!). I like to think that I’m amusing, and I love pictures as much as the next person.

But this wasn’t supposed to be me groaning about the blog. What would you like to see from this blog? Is there anything I can change? Things I should post, something I should concentrate on, that would make you, my small but amazing reader-base, tingle with happiness (not like that)? Please let me know, and don’t be nice! I want honest opinions.

Much love, my wonderful readers. ❤

An Escapade in Silverwing Hold

•November 8, 2010 • 3 Comments

Silverwing Hold was quiet. The blue lanterns flickered softly, and the stones were empty of echoes. Even the distant sounds of battle in the violent Gulch were nearly gone, dispelled by the warm breeze that blew through the grey halls. Outside, the trees rustled, and in this sanctuary the world seemed calm. Only the bloodstains found in between the stones in the floor and splattered on the walls betrayed the violence that occurred in this place.

One Orc snuck through the building softly, his armor barely clanking as he carefully maneuvered through the halls.He peered down into the flag room below him, scanning it’s walls for any Alliance, before hefting himself over the edge of the balcony and landing on the floor with a rough grunt. His coarse black hair swung into his face as he fell into a deep crouch with an ugly growl, tensed and ready for an attack. When he was satisfied that the coast was clear, he grunted again and sheathed his sword, turning to approach the glowing Sentinel’s flag. His green skin looked sickly as the white light of the flag was cast over him. He came to rest in front of it, grinning malevolently and his beetle-like eyes sparkling as he licked his lips. Continue reading ‘An Escapade in Silverwing Hold’

Caecillia – Just a Snippet

•November 6, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Dalaran City glowed with the rising sun, it’s towers sparkling with warm light. The rays cut through the clouds surrounding the city, warming it’s walls and roads of stone. It burned off the chill of the preceding night as sleepy adventurers rolled from their cherished beds and shopkeepers began their bustling. The streets hummed with the vibrations of powerful magic, and slowly the entire city became bathed in the glorious light. Dawn in Dalaran could make soldiers forget their woes with it’s beauty.

As the city stretched and yawned in the warmth of dawn, shadows were cast over the statue of Archmage Antonidas in the small memorial curling away from the city. The gold trim of the statue’s robes shimmered dully, almost appearing to wave gently with the soft breeze that whispered through the secluded place. Continue reading ‘Caecillia – Just a Snippet’

The Angry Tank Playlist

•November 6, 2010 • 7 Comments

Some days, nothing goes right. Your cat threw up all over your bag, your car breaks down, your microwave stops working, you spilled tea on your desk, and your pants split while you were at work. You drag yourself home, tired and humiliated, to collapse in front of your computer. Your nerves are fraying at the edges, your hair is hopelessly ruffled, your clothes wrinkled. You fire up World of Warcraft, sighing as your cat (the culprit of the throw up) comes and drools on your keyboard and wants all of your attention on her. As you log in, you stretch, and smile slightly, before entering the world of Azeroth on your tank. After a day like today, you are so ready to kick some ass.

You que, and of course you are gifted with an insta-que into a group. Stretching your fingers, you type out a friendly “Hello!” to the party. And then realize that the Hunter has already pulled, your healer dropped group, your mage went AFK, and the Ret Paladin is trying to tank.

Add angry to the list of tired and frustrated, and you need some serious music to back you up during your in-game endeavors.

This playlist is for you. Continue reading ‘The Angry Tank Playlist’