The Characters

1) Annorith, level 80 Destruction Warlock

2) Elianore, level 80 Restoration Druid (offspecc: Balance, but she’s a failure space chicken)

3) Caecillia, level 76 Blood Death Knight (offspecc: Unholy)

Caecillia is also my Twitter RP character for the moment, so I am going to stick in a quick bio for her for reference. She is, of course, a Death Knight, but before her turning she was a Sentinel for the Night Elves. She lived with her husband happily, until one day her patrol was ambushed by Scourge. She was killed, but brought back as a Death Knight. After she broke away from the Lich King, she settled in Dalaran in a small inn room, unable to return to her husband out of fear for rejection. Cae is very quiet and snarky now, and rarely is she not rude. She suffers from an addiction to pain that feeds the dark magic in her veins. However she is undyingly loyal to her home land of Azeroth and the Night Elf race, even as she is spurned for the nature of her undeath. You can find her twitter account here.

4) Oenone, level 47 Holy Paladin

5) Raechael, level 46 Restoration Shaman (offspecc: Elemental)

6) Tripia, level 44 Beastmaster Hunter

7) Laputa, level 38 Holy Priest

8 ) Acrisius, level 30 Protection Warrior

9) Abelline, level 19 Fire Mage

10) Brokenne, level… ? Feral Druid

Updated: April 30, 2011… I keep promising to get the mini stories up soon!


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