Art and Commissions

Commissions are now OPEN.

I have generally kept my art off of this blog in favor of sticking it on deviantArt for people’s viewing pleasure, but I decided that, since my art has gotten serious and I’ve gotten a few commissions now, I should put a bit of a portfolio up somewhere for people to look at if they’re interested.

I have started doing small avatars for people of their characters, just head-and-shoulders, and I think they’ll run about five dollars. If you’re interested, I’ve included a couple of samples here to look at. I can do both this sketch-y style, or cleaner line art, whichever is preferred.

I have also thought about opening up my commissions to more traditional media as well; I would be happy to do a piece in colored ink if that is what you prefer. Prices will be more than the digital pieces (as I will have to send you the art piece via mail), so please contact me and we can figure out exact costs over e-mail.

If you are interested, please send me an e-mail at with reference pictures, a brief character description, as well as any specifics about the avatar you want (facing right/left, smiling, sad, hair down/up, etc). Thanks!

Examples of commissioned art:

Commissioned piece for @snack_road

Commissioned piece for @snack_road

Commissioned piece for @snack_road


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